Being pioneers in their field and one of the most exciting and innovative companies worldwide, General Electric has once again demonstrated their ideas exist to make this world a better place. The GE Garages initiative aims at teaching communities everything they need to know about manufacturing and production technology. A GE Garage consists of 3D Printers, hi-tech devices, state-of-the-art equipment and other amazing technologies. It is a place of the future where people come to learn how to use these technologies and discover new skills. They work along with tech experts and are trained by speakers and professionals to learn about the technical future. GE Garages are for entrepreneurs as well, offering them the opportunity to learn more about business planning.

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GE innovation

Of course, when GE came to us with the proposal to document the GE Garages initiative in Nigeria, we were thrilled. It was up to us to let the world know about their efforts and the video we had to produce needed to be amazing. The stakes were high, there was a lot of pressure, and we had a very short amount of time for coming up with a creative idea and implement it through an engaging video content.

We travelled to Lagos, Nigeria, to shoot this video in 5 days and there were a lot of things to plan. But we simply loved the project and the chance to be part of this initiative of sharing the future.

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GE wanted to use the video in their promotional materials for the purpose of increasing their social initiatives’ awareness. It had to be exciting, high-quality, full of valuable information and compelling at the same time. To gain a better understanding of the future, we firstly made sure we understood the past and the present. We studied the GE materials; we had a lot of in-house brainstorming, and we held multiple meetings with our client to understand exactly what they wanted. We also researched the audience and found out how to deliver high-quality information to them in a way that would be appealing to them. When we had everything ready, from the market segmentation to the creative concept and storyboard, we travelled to Lagos to shoot the video. For five days, we filmed in four different locations and coordinated to minimize the time and maximize the result. Our client was informed about each progress we made and had access to all our ideas so that their expectations were met with success. After finishing the film, but also in various phases of the project, we did a quality check and ensured a flawless execution of the creative idea.

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The Garage events are full of skilled technicians demonstrating CNC mills, laser cutters, injection molders, Arduino kits, 3D printers and much more. Visitors to the Garage events are invited to get involved with the production machinery and explore their application in ideas generation.


The video we created was splendidly received by the public, going viral very quickly. People loved the idea of GE Garages and through this video they discovered a world where knowledge is shared in the most exciting way. Our client was extremely satisfied with our work, and they used this video in all their promotional materials. There are two reasons for its tremendous success: GE’s fantastic initiative and our creative concept that managed to create a perfect balance between information and excitement. It was an informative video, a documentary if we may, but it was also engaging and showed the promise of a better world.

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GE knowledge

We are glad to have been part of this project and to have helped GE let the world know about their efforts to provide a highly specialized, future-oriented environment for the people of Lagos, Nigeria.







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