Sipchem is a challenging global client, publically listed and headquartered in Saudi Arabia.

Traffic became their key communication service provider offering a range of digital marketing solutions to distinct segments in different languages. Our strategies have impacted their business decisions at all levels and we are now considered a valued Consultant often presenting to the Board and going so far as to advise on the effects of brand equity.

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Sipchem website

Sipchem PLC is a petrochemical company with 3,000+ staff globally generating over SR3 billion in revenue annually. Sipchem’s HQ is based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with hubs in Singapore and Switzerland and JV business partners spread further across seven countries.

Sipchem appointed Traffic and sister agency ATOM, as their lead agency globally. The scope of work was diverse, complex and required the agency to develop a strategically relevant global multi-media campaign. The brief was divided into four phases of delivery and known as Project S.I.G.N.

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Sipchem website

Brand Development

Traffic led a 6 month Brand Audit process that initially involved working with Capital MSL in the development of research to define a clear communications strategy. Once complete, a robust rebranding solution was delivered using our own IP, which has provided Sipchem and their partners with a strong internal and external communications platform.

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Global multi-media creative development

Using the approved Brand stack, we then conceived a creative strategy which ran across all media in all Sipchem markets. Key criteria were speed, the ability to easily execute in numerous languages/cultures, internally and externally and to a range of very different audiences.

The insight which provided the final creative strategy was that petrochemicals impact almost every product we use today. In fact without it, we would not live as long or as comfortably. The solution has humanized the industry and given Sipchem the USP of relevance and emotion in an industrial, rational business sector.

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Digital Delivery

Our scope of work comprised of: New website, Branding portal, Advertising banners, Social Media management, Content Production, Corporate Video, SEO/ PPC.

This SOW involved working with many stakeholders in the development of new content both internally (Marketing, Sales, HR, Affiliates, Manufacturing and so on) and externally (IR and PR agencies, Booze, HSBC, Thomson Reuters, Nasdaq).

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(Re)Brand launch

In the 4th and final phase of the “S.I.G.N” project we finalised and deployed all of the work including a Culture Change program working across all departments, in all offices, to ensure that the new Brand philosophy was properly integrated into the everyday workplace.

Part of this process was the building/launching of a brand asset portal which enabled all Sipchem offices, affiliates/partners and the media to download correctly branded materials locally and internationally.

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A corporate video produced in Arabic for Saudi Petrochemicals giant Sipchem. The video was shot on location over the period of 7 days. The video features many actors, shots of interior and exterior, macro, time delay and drones. The Traffic creative team put together the storyboard, shot the video on location and worked tirelessly in the editing suite.


Targeted Keywords
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vinyl acetate monomer production Not in 100 4 31 3


DEC, 2014 - AUG, 2015.

Audience Overview


Sipchem has worked with Traffic since 2012 and exclusively within SIGN (Sipchem, Image and Global, Name) initiative. The SIGN initiative is geared to enhance Sipchem brand awareness globally. The SIGN initiative has been a major success and elements can be linked to recent achievements which included. Sipchem achieved its highest share price in company history in 2014.

I have worked directly with Traffic since 2012. In my personal judgement, find Traffic to be one of the best creative agencies in this region and globally. As endorsement to this, the positive feedback received from customers and communities globally, regarding activities in which Traffic has been involved for SIPCHEM has been extremely supportive.

Furthermore, the consultation/support SIPCHEM currently receives from Traffic is appreciated, valued and trusted internally among our staff. Their employees are skilled and motivated to assist and make a difference.
In closing, Traffic would be an asset to any organization whom is ready to move to the next level

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