Making the most of mobile

Meeting the needs of today’s constantly connected generation means having a mobile-optimised website is a necessity.  Mobile-optimisation makes your website accessible to all devices, delivers an enhanced user experience and yields better lead generation and happier customers. And what’s more, the transition to mobile can be seamless.

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The benefits of going mobile

Why it is important your business explores mobile

A few years ago all we used to use our mobile phones for was calling and sending text messages, today’s mobile device use is entirely different and this is due to high speed internet capabilities being inherent in virtually every new mobile sold.

In regards to this mobile technological advancement, for consumers and business users the benefits are apparent, from simply saving time and being able to utilize it more effectively to accessing social networks, ease of access to email, instant messengers, VIOP and the list goes on… It is common knowledge people find mobile web browsing more convenient than using their PCs (Laptops & Desktops). Thus, people nowadays spend more time surfing the internet via mobile.

Twinned with the above points, there are millions of web searches done each day around the world for various services and products across a multitude of industry segments (including those related to, and directly affecting your business) via mobile internet users/potential consumers. Quite simply, if your business is not utilizing a mobile presence then you could be missing out on a large chunk of your desired audience.

Digital production companies (like Traffic) produce web and mobile interfaces to suit each and every device on the market from using HTML based responsive design methods to developing special formatted stand-alone mobile websites. Allowing businesses a fairly fast and effective way to start using mobile channels to their advantage.

Mobile optimised website benefits

    • You will achieve higher ranking in Google

      Google smartly detects if a search is done via mobile/smartphone/tablet, and displays a mobile appropriate interface as opposed to the standard one available on PCs. The top five search results displayed in Search Engines on the first page are always the most clicked ones – By utilizing a mobile site for your business you can achieve better placement, and therefore increase your exposure and conversions on lead generation.

    • Flexible layouts

      A mobile optimized website transforms into a compact layout when viewed in smaller screens of various sizes (smartphones & tablet devices made by different manufactures).

    • Navigation

      Navigation through mobile devices is specifically designed to be simple and effective, allowing users to get to areas of interest fast and without confusion.

    • You will keep your customers happy

      If your potential customers/site visitors find your mobile website easy to navigate, they come back, buy more, and recommend you more. This can equate to more sales and more opportunities, a win-win for your business and you. Here’s a quick tip: Reduce the steps to be taken for mobile purchases. Get your site visitors straight to the buying cart in the most convenient way possible, minus the lengthy forms—just ask for the vital information (i.e. full names and shipping address).

    • Optimised display

      A mobile optimized website retains and displays ONLY the necessary information on smaller screen devices—hence, they load faster than standard websites over a mobile internet network or WI-FI service.

    • Device detection

      Mobile optimized websites can intelligently detect media extensions (i.e. flash, java) that aren’t always compatible for smaller devices and avoids displaying these for a more user-friendly experience on the move.

Some useful tips when building your mobile business website

Now that the business benefits of having a mobile optimized website are pretty clear, here are a few of the basic fundamental principles you should certainly consider when looking too provide your customers/site visitors an enriched user experience:

    • Employ a simple and professional-looking layout

      Avoid irrelevant and unimportant information, cut-down on categories and page links, order your links from most to least important, and avoid unnecessary forms and/or tables.

    • Location Mapping feature(s)

      Let your clients find you via your mobile website through location-finding extensions/functions. This comes handy for both users and non-users of the GPS system. Customers get to find your physical store even if it is located within or in between larger competitors.

    • Lesser data, lesser loading time = more browsing (and buying) time

      You’ve definitely navigated websites and felt the frustration when pages you open take time to load. The downside is, if your site loads s-l-o-w-l-y, your prospective customer will probably move to another site/online store. Limit your data size.

    • Invite offline customers to go online via QR codes

      QR coding, which originated in Japan, is a great way to maximize audience on your mobile optimized website. QR or quick response coding is the generation of an image that when taken a photo of, leads to a certain URL/website. They’re typically in print ads, but can also go in shirts or all the products you produce. Designed for mobile internet users, QR codes make mobile browsing and shopping experiences easier.

Start building your mobile optimised website today

The process of putting up your own mobile-optimized business website, considering the great benefits that go with it may seem complex or too technical; however this is not always the case. You just need to know the right people… If you’re seriously looking into expanding your online presence (esp. in the growing mobile internet market), it is highly recommended that you give the friendly account managers at Traffic a call today. The rewards you’ll get for a one time service will take your business and website to a whole new level of expansion in the online world and put you ahead of your competition.