Website Design

How to undertake a successful website redesign project

Once you've decided to give your website, meaning your online business, a whole new look by redesigning and upgrading it, there are a few basic principles you should consider when seeking to achieve your business objectives.

The one thing you should always avoid doing is reacting to your competitor if you feel they have a better website with more appealing design or better features and functionality. Though being competitive is necessary for the survival of any business, acting strategically and preparing yourself to beat the rest is equally important, especially when it involves the overhauling of key areas of your business.

If you feel that your website is not serving as a powerful communication tool and is failing to channel your products and services to your potential customers, it's time you embarked on your site's revamp.

The following considerations will enable you to achieve your business goals through the redesign or upgrade of your website:

  • Analyse your current site

    First of all, give some time to determine what exactly your site is lacking. Is the design bland and unappealing, perhaps difficult to navigate? Is it weak in coding with poor information flow such as access to products and services? Does it lack the important features that your competitor's site uses? Or perhaps, it may be facing problems with updations and content additions. Once you locate the problematic areas of your website, it's time to look at the whole picture before you embark on the redesign process.

    You should have your future business goals clearly present in your mind, as they are what ultimately define the content of the site overhaul. You must know where your business will stand in the coming years, what additions or subtractions will be made to your product line and services, or what new features you will most likely be adding to your business website. This will help you create a website that has the capacity to easily incorporate all your far-reaching goals and achieve your business objectives with the least hassle and expense

  • Make your new site bring you high returns

    Today online businesses know that every new website has a remarkable potential of bringing them high returns on investment. This potential is dictated by a number of factors including your product, type of service, your industry etc.

  • Choose the right site type for you...

    The Internet has a variety of website types which all act differently when it comes to interacting and getting their message across. However, the websites with commercial interests can be divided into 2 main types and are the type of websites known to bring the most tangible returns.

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These websites types are:

A. The information provider

Nearly all traditional businesses today, which have 100% offline operations, are also present on the web given the ability of a website to serve as a powerful and informative marketing tool. These websites are meant to be solely information-based, providing all possible information about the business. In this type of website, the returns are generated when a user browses it and through the information on the site, finds the products/services relevant to his needs. He then makes a conscious decision to approach the business to buy or hire certain products or services.

As websites falling into this category are required to be information-laden, they distribute a wealth of facts about their products and services using every possible means such as product/service photos and videos, user guides, specification manuals etc. These websites also invite the user to make an enquiry or leave their own contact details through the site for a follow-up response. The return for the business is then transacted in the traditional way by means of a sales person or qualified company representative who contacts the potential client.

B. The active returns generator

The second type of websites are those businesses who use their website to generate returns on revenue. This type of website incorporates advanced transactional methods that make buying online possible and enables the owner to keep up-to-the-minute track of every single purchase made through the site. These websites may use advanced transaction tools such as eCommerce transactions, user registration accounts, and modern CRM tools.

At Traffic we actively encourage clients who approach us to swiftly become a type A and then type B web business. By re-aligning your mindset to one - or both - of these categories you are taking an important step in redefining how you view your business online. You can then reposition your website so that it serves a concrete purpose, i.e to augment your online presence and create more business. The Internet is not a place to simply stick up a couple of pages about your business and hope people see it; it is a highly lucrative revenue-generator or potential marketing channel with unlimited possibilities.

The Traffic approach

The reason we encourage and guide you to obtain a 'returns generating website' is that our fundamental approach to working with you is to help you gain a return on your web channel initiatives as soon as possible.

This also translates into:

  • Adding tangible value to your business portfolio.
  • A profitable marketing channel for your business.
  • A steadily growing database of client or customer based information.
  • A gradual shift towards a more IT centric business, which means progressively less human resource to maintain and the process becoming operationally more cost efficient.


The Internet has made it apparent that a business' website is an increasingly important asset, and many companies are now embarking on website redesign projects to "improve" their websites. However, in order to really get the most out of a redesign job, companies need to construct their website within the context of a greater Internet marketing strategy.